• Deedub, KLB Shape their Fate

    By Melina Paris, Music Columnist Artist and entrepreneur, Deedub, is intent on spreading joy through his ventures to all who will listen. He and his wife, KLB, blend reggae, hip-hop, rhythm and blues, and rock into what they call “Earth music.” “There are no borders or limits to the genres I will choose from as far as i

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  • Local Specter Expected at Scary Stories 13

    By Ivan Adame, Contributor Scary Stories, which has entertained audiences of all ages with terrifying tales for so long it’s become a local Halloween tradition, returns on Oct. 29 for its spooky-sounding 13th year. As if the event won’t be nerve-wracking enough, its producers are anticipating an amorphous green specter, w

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  • Staff Abuse Censure Hearing Set for Oct. 20

    Carson City Clerk Jim Dear Gets to Tell His Side of the Story on Staff Abuse

    By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor  Politics in Carson has always been a messy business. The March 2015 elections, in which former Mayor Jim Dear was elected to the city clerks office and the upcoming Oct.

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  • China Shipping NOP, POLA’s Failed Mitigations

    Draft Supplemental EIR Admits to Lack of Compliance with Legal Settlement

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher The Port of Los Angeles likes to call itself “America’s premier port” and claims it is strongly committed to developing innovative strategic and sustainable operations. It likes to

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  • Conscious Eating

    By Gina Ruccione, Restaurant and Cuisine Writer Oct. 11 was the 2nd Annual Sustainable Seafood Expo at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by it should definitely be on your radar for next year. As many of you know, I’m quite obsessed with food. Any chance to sa

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  • CENSORED! Ten Big Stories News Media Ignored

    Even in the era of ubiquitous social media, when a small news outlet can create a story that goes viral, some of the biggest news of the past year never reached most of the public.

    By Tim Redmond, Editor and Chief of 48 Hills When Sonoma State University professor Carl Jensen started looking into the

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  • Toberman Reunion and the Challenge of Recovering Forgotten Memories

    By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor A year ago, Executive Director and CEO Linda Matlock told me that Toberman was planning a reunion of sorts. It’s happening on Oct. 24. The event is intended to be both a fundraiser and an opportunity to celebrate the children who have matriculated through Toberm

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  • The Coming Full Circle of a ‘90s Musical Protégé

    I’ve been told that San Pedro has been a place where the famous or the infamous — from artists to war criminals — come to lay low. I always assumed it was a tongue-in-cheek assessment. Then last summer, I met Rion Michael. At first he was simply our office’s new next-door neighbor. I usually saw Michael in the afternoon, when I was leav

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