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  • 12/09/2014
  • RLn

Random Lengths News would like to remind you that spending money locally at indie businesses has a multiplier effect that big box chains do not. Some 46% of those indie shopping dollars go right back into the local economy, on local jobs, local vendors, and local charities. Make the pledge to support your local independent retailers when and wherever possible. Tell them you saw it in the Harbor Area’s best locally owned and independent newspaper. Your community will thank you.

Pick up a copy of our Shop Local Holiday Gift Guide for these special discounts:

$5, $10 & $15 OFF at Urban Feet and Skate • Page 3

$5 OFF at Philie B’s • Page 6

$5 OFF at The Grand Emporium • Page 7

$10 OFF at the San Pedro Brewing Co. • Page 8

$7 OFF at Buono’s Pizzeria • Page 8

15% OFF at Sonny’s Bistro • Page 9

FREE Session with Tanya at Range of Motion • Page 12

Up to $3,700 OFF at Dr. Ardalan’s Dentistry • Page 13

FREE Kids Admission Pass to Chill at The Queen Mary • Page 15


View the digital edition here.


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