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  • 11/04/2014
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The editorial board of Random Lengths recommend the reelection of the current class of incumbents running for state and congressional office. Since Gov. Jerry Brown’s return to Sacramento in 2009, California has seen its fortunes turn all the way around. The states finances are in order; as a state, we’re not lurching from one crisis to the next, and we seem to be on the right track. That is not to say everything is perfect. It is not as the string of Democratic legislators on the state and local level can attest. But we are still in a much better place than we were through the first decade of the 2000s.

Elect Ted Lieu for the 33rd Congressional District
Re-elect Rep. Janice Hahn for the 44th Congressional District
Re-elect Rep. Alan Lowenthal for the 47th Congressional District

State-wide offices
Re-elect Gov. Jerry Brown
Re-elect Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom
Elect Alex Padilla for Secretary of State
Elect Betty Yee for State Controller
Re-elect State Treasurer John Chiang
Re-elect State Attorney General Kamala Harris
Re-elect Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones
Re-elect Jerome Horton for the State Board of Equalization District 3

State Legislature
Elect Mike Gipson to represent the 64th Assembly District
Re-elect Al Muratsuchi to represent the 66th Assembly District
Elect Patrick O’Donnell to represent the 70th Assembly District

Elect Jacqueline Lewis for Judicial Office No. 61
Elect Andrew Stein for Judicial Office No. 87

Los Angeles County Sheriff
Elect Jim McDonnell for Los Angeles County Sheriff

Los Angeles County Assessor
Elect Jeffrey Prang for Los Angeles County Assessor
State Ballot Propositions
California Proposition 1 is a  $7.1 billion bond for statewide water system improvements pressing due to the current drought. Spelled out under the docket is a list of how funds would be distributed. Most of it is going toward water storage, recycling, and retention.  The largest sums of $1.45 and $2.7 billion would be designated to ecosystem protection projects and the creation of new dams and reservoirs. An additional $425 million will be reallocated from prior water bond acts and general tax revenues will be used to pay off the bond.  RL-Yes

California Proposition 2 is a proposal to further increase money going into the rainy day fund by 1.5 percent capping at 10 percent. A rainy day fund is government money saved during times of surplus to be redistributed as needed. It is an update to the Budget Stabilization Act, and would require a fiscal emergency for funds to be withdrawn. The update would also establish a public school system fund based on tax revenue. RL-Yes

California Proposition 45 seeks to decrease the cost of health care premiums by eliminating pre-determination based on credit history. The intent is to insure more individuals by eliminating higher rates based on background. It requires all changes to insurance rates and to be approved by an insurance commissioner before they take effect, as well making this notice public knowledge. The proposition is aimed at the individual in health care. However, it does not apply to employers with large group health plans.  RL-Yes

California Proposition 46 would be a major change in health care reform requiring alcohol and drug testing for all California physicians. If approved, it would be the first law in United States to require random drug testing of physicians. It requires negligence to be reported and submitted to a review process, in which physicians would be put on suspension until acquittal or punishment is enacted. The law also would require health care practitioners to consult drug history before issuing certain prescription drugs. RL-Yes

California Proposition 47 deals with misdemeanor sentencing for drug possession offenses, forgery, check fraud, theft and receiving of stolen property in amounts less $950. It allows for felony charges to be brought against any repeat misdemeanor offenders who have also been convicted of rape, murder, child molestation and sex offense. RL-Yes

California Proposition 48 is a referendum vote on Assembly Bill 277. A yes vote would ratify two gaming compacts between California and two Indian tribes, the North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians and the Wiyot Tribe. The referendum vote would also exempt execution of the compacts, certain projects and intergovernmental agreements from the California Environmental Quality Act. In 2005, the two tribes submitted a request to the federal government to purchase land in the Central Valley and put it in trust for the purpose of building a casino. The federal government determined that this would be in the best interest of the tribe and would not hurt the surrounding communities. The California Legislature passed AB 277, which approved the North Fork compact, as well as a compact with the Wiyot Tribe. The Wiyot compact does not allow the tribe to operate a casino, but allows the tribe to receive a portion of the revenue generated by North Fork’s casino. Gov. Brown signed the bill in July 2013. The federal government issued final approval for the Wiyot compact in September 2013 and the North Fork compact in October 2013. RL-Yes

Local Ballot Propositions
Countywide Measure 1 would continue to levy an annual parcel tax to keep a park and recreation measure going. The cost would $23 per parcel, which would go toward protecting rivers, beaches, water sources, and preserving and maintaining natural areas such as zoos. RL-No Position

Torrance USD- Torrance Unified School District has two proposals on the ballot.  The first is a $144.3 million no-tax bonds to be applied to security improvements, emergency and disaster equipment, and renovations including plumbing and facility repairs. The second is a $50 million dollar proposal using legal interest rates to repair playgrounds and restore them to health and safety standards. RL-No Position

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