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  • 07/28/2014
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Senior Might Face Charges in Non-Pregnant Robber’s Death
LONG BEACH — The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is considering whether or not to charge 80-year-old Tom Greer in the shooting of a fleeing, female, robber July 22 in a Los Cerritos neighborhood in Long Beach.
On July 25, the District Attorney’s Office filed charges against Gus Adams, 26, an accomplice to the robbery. Adams was arrested on suspicion of Murder on July 23. He faces four other felony charges including residential burglary and elder abuse. The accomplice is charged with murder under the legal principle in California that an accomplice may be culpable for an illegal death that occurs in the course of the commission of a felony. Officials said that Adams is held at the Los Angeles County Jail with $1.1 million bail. He is scheduled to be arraigned to Aug. 11. Adams had two prior convictions for possession of a controlled substance in 2011 and petty theft with three prior convictions in 2012.
Adams was charged with first-degree residential robbery, first-degree residential burglary, grand theft with a firearm and possession of a firearm by a felon. If convicted, he faces life in prison.
The Long Beach Police Department arrested Adams’ mother, Ruby Adams, 49, on suspicion of robbery. Police filed charges against Ruby Adams on July 28. The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office charged Ruby Adams, with first-degree murder and first-degree residential robbery. Officials said Ruby Adams may have acted as the look out in the robbery.
Greer told investigators and various news sources that when he arrived to his home at about 9 p.m. July 22, in the 3900 block of Country Club Drive, he was attacked by a man and woman who were burglarizing his home.
Police officials said that the couple threw Greer on the floor and allegedly began to beat him. The woman, Andrea Miller, 28, continued beating Greer, while Adams tried to break into Greer’s safe. Eventually, Miller stopped hitting Greer and join Adams. Greer ended up with a broken collar bone, cuts and bruises.
In the meanwhile, Greer went into another room and grabbed his .22-caliber gun. Miller and Adams grabbed some items and fled. Greer followed and fired at them. Miller, who had convictions for driving violations and one for grand theft.
Miller pleaded for her life saying that she was pregnant. Greer shot her anyway in the alley, where she died. The coroner’s office since has determined that Miller was not pregnant.
Anyone with information about the case is asked to call (562) 570-7244.

Garcia Assigns Council Members
LONG BEACH — On July 21, Mayor Robert Garcia assigned council members to their committees.
All of the 13 committees, except for the Charter Amendment Committee, which is comprised of the entire council, are comprised of three council members.
Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal will be the chairwoman for the Budget Oversight Committee. District 4 Councilman Patrick O’Donnell and District 5 Councilwoman Stacy Mungo will also be on that committee. Lowenthal also will be the chairwoman for the Tidelands and Harbor Committee, where District 3 Councilwoman Suzie Price and District 1 Councilwoman also will partake in.
District 8 Councilman Al Austin will be the chairman for the Personnel and Civil Service Committee, which approves mayoral nominations and helps oversee the Human Resources Department. Lowenthal and District 7 Councilman Roberto Uranga will join him.
Price will be the chairwoman for the Public Safety Committee. Austin and Mungo also will be part of that committee.
Garcia also made appointment to the 18 association where Long Beach has a prominent seat. Appointees to area authorities, committees and associations receive $50 to $125 in compensation. Actual amounts were released along with Garcia’s proposed appointments on Monday.
Lowenthal will be the chairwoman for the Housing Authority, which comprises the entire council. Members receive $50 for each of its meetings.
Gonzalez will be a representative on the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority with Price as the alternate ($100 a meeting); Garcia and Austin will be a representative on the Gateway Cities Council of Governments, with Uranga as alternate ($125 a meeting); Lowenthal will be a board member on the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California ($100 a meeting); and O’Donnell will be a member of the San Gabriel & Lower Los Angeles Rivers & Mountains Conservancy ($75 a meeting).
Details: http://tinyurl.com/GarciaAppointments

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