Garcetti Announces Military Veteran Advisory Council Appointees

  • 02/07/2014
  • Reporters Desk

LOS ANGELES — On Feb. 6, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the members of the Mayor’s Military Veteran Advisory Council.

The advisory council will have its first official meeting on February 27th at Los Angeles’ Bob Hope Patriotic Hall. It is comprised of four mayoral appointees and three Los Angeles City Council appointees, who will advise Garcetti’s administration on issues affecting the military community.

The advisory will work to enhance the well-being of the Los Angeles veteran community by advising Garcetti and the city council on emerging policies and programs.

The advisory is an initiative of the mayor’s Office of Veterans Affairs, created by the mayor to address the needs of veterans’ community in Los Angeles. The office is working to coordinate resources with a variety of stakeholders to support veterans in Los Angeles and seek strategies to mitigate the potential for long-term unemployment, instability and homelessness.

In conjunction with the mayor’s Office of Veteran Affairs, Garcetti has debuted a page on his website where veterans can learn about resources for housing, employment, medical and mental health services, as well as contact the Veterans’ Affairs coordinator with questions. The site is available at

Military Veteran Advisory Council members are all residents of Los Angeles who have served or had a family member serve in the Armed Forces and serve as leaders in the military community.

The council is comprised of:

Dr. Anthony Hassan — Hassan is an Iraq veteran who served in the Army and Air Force. He serves as the director of The Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans and chairman of the Military Social Work program at USC. Previously, he served as deputy department head of behavioral sciences and leadership and director of the masters program in counseling and leadership at the Air Force Academy, and CEO and president of the Macdill Community Mental Health Center on the Air Force Macdill Airforce Base in Tampa, Florida. Hassan also serves on the Los Angeles City Workforce Investment Board. Hassan is a mayoral appointee.

Jason Hwang — Hwang is a veteran of the Marine Corps and president of New World Consulting, a legal firm. He also currently serves as the vice president of the Korean American Veterans Association of Los Angeles and on the Olympic Police Station Advisory Committee and the United States National Defense Corps., 8th Division. Hwang is a council appointee.

Maribel Marin —  Marin is the executive director of LA County 211, the non-profit agency dedicated to  helping Los Angeles County residents access information and obtain referrals on a 24/7 basis, in more than 140 languages, for social services in their community through the 2-1-1 dialing code. She previously served as the executive director of Los Angeles Redistricting Commission for the Los Angeles Unified School District, a commissioner of the City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works and a senior associate at the Natural Resources Defense Council. Marin is a mayoral appointee.

Rafael F. Nadal — Nadal is a veteran of the Army, 509 Mechanized Infantry Battalion, Airborne. He works as a building contractor with a specialty in interior design. He has also served on the Harvard Heights Neighborhood Council. Nadal is a council appointee.

Stephen Peck — Peck is a veteran of the Marine Corps. He now serves as the president and CEO of the U.S. Veteran Initiative, a non-profit-for-profit partnership that provides transitional housing, employment assistance and clinical counseling to homeless veterans. He previously served as an outreach social worker at the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Medical Center and was founder and president of the Far From Home Foundation, a non-profit formed to bring attention to the homeless veteran issue nationwide. Peck is a mayoral appointee.

Armen Ross — Ross is a veteran of the Army and is the founder and president of The Ross Group, a consulting firm. He previously served as deputy mayor for homelessness, director of homeless services, and assistant chief of staff under Mayor James K. Hahn. Ross is a council appointee.

Stephanie Stone —Stone served in the Navy for 21 years. She serves as chief deputy director of the Los Angeles County Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, where she oversees operations at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall for use by and for veterans and veteran service organizations. She formerly served as the Veteran Employment Representative for Goodwill Southern California and was the vice president of Outreach at Coro Southern California. She also served as chairwoman of the Mayor’s Committee on Military and Veteran Affairs under Mayors Riordan and Hahn, and as chairwoman of the Los Angeles County Advisory Commission on Veteran Affairs. Stone is a mayoral appointee.

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