Andrews Appoints MLK Peace Week Committee Members

  • 12/06/2013
  • Reporters Desk

District 6 Councilman Dee Andrews appoints community advocate Alma Campos as the 2014 Peace Week Committee Chair and Belinda Perez as Peace Week Committee co-chairs.

In an effort to lift the consciousness of the community about Dr. King’s legacy and principles, Councilman Dee Andrews created Peace Week to promote more than a week of activities designed to unify the community.  Among the week of events is the Annual Candlelight Peace March that brings the community together to promote the increase of peace throughout our neighborhoods.

Each year Councilman Andrews appoints community members to serve on the Peace Week Committee, as well as partnering with local organizations to assist with creating and producing the events. Alma Campos was selected as Peace Week chairwoman for her involvement in the community and Peace Week since its conception 7 years ago. She moved to Long Beach in 1996 after meeting her husband, Aroldo Campos. The mother of four children started servicing her community by volunteering. Alma and her husband are the founders of New Generations, a local nonprofit that serves the youth.

Andrews appointed the Peace Week co-chairwoman position to Belinda Perez. The mother of four children’s philanthropic endeavors include hosting frequent breakfast events for women of different backgrounds. In an attempt to help the growing community, she sponsors conferences for couples and youth and is involved in community programs including the Anti-Virus Program, Round Tables, and New Generation. She and her husband founded the Leadership Academy, the Academy for Entrepreneurs and other organizations for the community of Long Beach. 

Additional selected Peace Week Committee members include; Vergia Wade, Jose Flores, Alice Robinson, Rebecca Younger, Francisco Rodriguez, Tonya Martin, Stacey Christiansen, Tony Pope, Teresa Gomez, Alejandro Lopez,  Monique San, Sony Pream, Chanthy Yi, Michael L. Dixon, Jeanetta McAlpin, Jeffrey Arago, Art Cribbs, Kianna Shann, Meyra Salas, Cecliea Salas, and Brenda Salas.

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