Truckers Shut Down Terminal

  • 10/24/2013
  • Reporters Desk

Oakland, Calif. — Truck drivers stopped commerce, Oct. 21, at the SSA Marine Terminal, a big terminal within the Port of Oakland, protesting working conditions and rising hauling costs.

About 100 pickters rallied outside of three entrances to the SSA Marine terminal, shutting down traffic when workers refused to cross protest lines.

The truckers, who own and operate their trucks, assert that they are getting paid the same per load as they were paid 10 years ago, even as they have to pay more for fuel and maintenance.

The protestors are asking for fees to help pay for the stricter air quality regulations and compensation for their wait in long lines outside of terminals, which are particularly long at the SSA Marine terminal. The terminal has recently undergone a merger and as a result has less workers.

This past week, an Alameda County judge filed a temporary order that bars protestors from interfering with cargo traffic. Alameda County Sheriffs forced protestors — some of whom claim were hit with batons — away from the entrance.

The SSA Terminal was the only one shut down but the protests interrupted operations at other terminals.

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