Obama’s Climate Change Plan Aligns with Brown

  • 06/25/2013
  • Reporters Desk

WASHTINGTON, D.C. — President Barack Obama asserted his power to cut carbon pollution during a speech, June 25, at Georgetown University, pledging to bypass Congress if necessary.

Obama outlined measures to cut greenhouse gas emissions and promote renewable energy use, as well as encourage efforts to reach a global climate agreement.

Gov. Jerry Brown issued a statement of support for President Barack Obama’s climate change plan.

“The President’s action plan to reduce greenhouse gases is absolutely essential,” Brown wrote. “California stands ready to do its part to ensure that America successfully asserts its leadership on climate change.”

In May, Brown joined hundreds of world-renowned researchers and scientists to release a groundbreaking call to action on climate change. The 29-page consensus statement, translates key scientific findings from disparate fields into one unified message for policymakers, industry and the general public. This statement aims to improve the nexus between scientific research and political action on climate change.

As for Obama’s speech, not everyone was in accord with his words. Environmentalists and fellow Democrats found some parts of his speech unpopular, including his embrace for the natural gas boom that has been made possible through fracking. He also reiterated his support for nuclear power. Others note that his plan does not go far enough because he refuses to push for a “carbon tax.”

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