LB Police Academy Begins

  • 06/03/2013
  • Reporters Desk

The Long Beach Police Department announced May 31, that for the first time in four years, the Long Beach Police Academy is training recruits to become police officers.

Will the approval of the fiscal year 2013 budget, the Long Beach City Counil authorized Academy Class 86, the first since fiscal year 2009. The $2.9 million cost was funded using a combination of one-time resources and position savings within the police department.

The academy will allow the City of Long Beach to replenish officers who have retired. Fifty recruits were hired to attend the academy. During the 27-week course recruits will be instructed on criminal law, investigations, drivers training, report writing and cultural sensitivity.

Once recruits graduate in December, they will begin a field-training program, which takes 12 months to complete. During this phase, recruits will partner with seasoned patrol officers.

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