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May 31
Green Festival
Participate in the 2nd annual Green Festival, from 12 to 3 p.m. May 31, at the Port of Los Angeles High School in San Pedro.
Location: 250 W. 5th St., San Pedro

June 1
LBAC Services Provides Low-Cost Services
On June 1, Long Beach Animal Care Services will provide two low-cost vaccination and licensing clinics to residents and pets in Long Beach, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Signal Hill Park.
No reservation is necessary, but only cash is accepted for vaccinations.
A State Licensed Veterinarian from the Southern California Veterinary Vaccine Clinic will be onsite to provide the shots, and residents can process their license renewals onsite.
Services available include:
*Dog Rabies: $7
*Cat Rabies: $7 (or if preferred, “Purevax” Rabies @ $20)
*DHPP (DA2PP): $17 (dogs)
*Bordetella: $14 (dogs)
*Lyme: $22 (dogs)
*FVRCP (3-in-1) : $17 (cats)
*FELV: $19 (cats)
*AVID Microchips: $28 (cats and dogs)
*Altered Dog License: $20 (half-price for seniors)
*Unaltered Dog License: $95
*Altered Cat License: $10 (half-price for seniors)
Low-cost pet clinics are scheduled every month in Long Beach to provide residents with a one-stop shop for vaccination, microchipping and licensing services.
Details: (562) 570-7387; http://scvvc.webs.com,
Venue: Signal Hill Park
Location: 2175 Cherry Ave., Signal Hill

June 4
The Future of Shoemaker Park
The Long Beach City Council will consider a feasibility plan and considerations for adaptively reusing the Shoemaker Bridge into a park, during its 5 p.m. June 4 meeting at City Hall.
Vice Mayor Robert Garcia, author of the proposal, would like to have major new park project to adaptively reuse the Shoemaker Bridge.
Shoemaker Bridge is scheduled to be demolished and replaced with a new bridge to improve traffic flow and expand park space, as part of the I-710 expansion project.
The current bridge plan, which will be included as an early action I-710 project, builds a new bridge over the Los Angeles River and realigns the on and off ramps between Broadway and 7th Street. Building the new bridge creates a unique opportunity for adaptively reusing the current bridge instead of tearing it down.
The Shoemaker Bridge project will double the size of Cesar Chavez Park, by reconnecting a portion of the park that is currently split by the 710 Freeway. While construction of the new Shoemaker Bridge is still a couple years away, planning and construction considerations must be made now in order to adaptively reuse the current bridge. The $5.5 million of Measure R funds have already been committed to design and engineering for construction of the new bridge.
The city council also is considering an agreement between the Los Angles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the City of Long Beach to provide design funding for the replacement of the Shoemaker Bridge from the Interstate 710 Freeway to its end on the east side of the Los Angeles River. The agreement would increase appropriations in the Gas Street Improvement Fund in the Department of Public Works by $5.5 million.

June 4
City Council to Take Position on Metro Issues
The Long Beach City Council will consider taking a formal position on installing turnstiles on all eight Long Beach stops and address the repair of public art, signage and other maintenance or public safety issues, at its 5 p.m. June 4 meeting at City Hall.

June 8
Long Beach Gun Buyback
Partake in the Gun Buyback Event, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. June 8, at the North Police Sub-station in Long Beach.

  • Non-functioning firearms: $50 gift card
  • Handguns, rifles and shotguns: $100 gift card
  • Assault rifles: $200 gift card

Details: (562) 570-5529
Venue: North Police Sub-Station
Location: 4891 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach

June 8
Grupo de Conversación en Español
Join the Long Beach Time Exchange for the second meeting of the Spanish language conversation group, from 4 to 6 p.m. June 8, at Building Healthy Communities.
The session will begin with a short cultural film and a discussion between fluent Spanish speakers, followed by small groups that include the participation of intermediate Spanish speakers. Participants will also practice speaking Spanish in everyday communication scenarios that might occur in a time exchange. RSVP.
Details: (562) 346-4617
Venue: Building Healthy Communities
Location: 920 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach
June 8
Friendship in the Garden
Show your appreciation for Foodscape Long Beach and the volunteers who make the work possible, from 5 to 8 p.m. June 8, at the Chestnut Plot in Long Beach.
The organization has helped bring people together in gardens to grow food, learn about sustainable gardening, and build community in the city.
The event includes:
*Outdoor concert*
* Vegetarian/Vegan Potluck*
*Plant Sale Fundraiser* Save $ by buying your favorite edible plants while supporting your favorite community organization.
Suggested Donation is $3.
Venue: Chestnut Plot
Location: 729 Chestnut Ave., Long Beach

June 8
Volunteer Open House
Join the Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum June 8, for a fun and interactive volunteer open house.
The volunteer open house will offer you a chance to learn about the Adobe, wonderful volunteer opportunities and meet some of our wonderful volunteers.
You and your family will be able to choose from 3 activities to get you involved.
Check out some of the great reasons to volunteer below:
– Can’t get your nose out of a historical novel, ‘handle’ history itself by volunteering in the collections
– Need a break from the hectic pace of everyday life, the Adobe is a peaceful and beautiful place to spend time
– Need exercise, giving tours one morning or afternoon a month will burn hundreds of calories
– Stuck at home with just the television, get off the couch and help with special events
– Like to meet new people, but don’t want to go to nightclubs, join an elite group of friendly volunteers
– Feel the need to contribute to the community, but don’t know how, volunteer at the Adobe
Details: (310) 603-0088; www.dominguezrancho.org 

June 17
El Dorado Day Camp
Sign up for El Dorado Day Camp, from June 17 through Aug. 30, at El Dorado Park West.
There will be field trips once a week.
Details: (562) 570-3225 
Venue: El Dorado Park West
Location: 2800 N. Studebaker Road, Long Beach
June 28
UCC Convention
Timely social issues such as marriage equality, immigration and bullying will be the focus of nearly 3,000 progressive United Church of Christ members, June 28 through July 2, at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center.
The United Church of Christ, a Protestant denomination of more than 1 million members, will host its biennial General Synod.
The denomination’s premier event will incorporate governance, advocacy, education and entertainment, with rallies, immersion experiences, presenters and more.
Details: http://ucc.org
Venue: Long Beach Convention Center
Location: 300 E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach
June 29
Sunset Serenade
Join Rainbow Services as it celebrates its 30th anniversary of providing home, at 5:45 p.m. June 29, at the Norris Pavilion on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.
Rainbow Services is the South Bay’s safe harbor for families wishing to escape the cycle of domestic violence. Rainbow provides services, counseling and shelter to empower participants as they transition to stability and independence. The non-profit organization relies on funding from government and the generosity of foundations and individual donors.
The event celebrates its years of caring for survivors of domestic violence.
Tickets are $150.
Details:  (424) 264-0636; www.rainbowservicesdv.org
Venue: Norris Pavilion
July 1
SP ACE District Seeks Members
The San Pedro Arts Culture Entertainment District is seeking voting members and at-large advisory committee members.
Eligible candidates will identify with one of the following categories:
Artists – Practitioners of the visual, literary, and/or performing arts who have demonstrated professional ability through exhibition, publication, and/or performance within the District.
Arts Related Business – Any business or organization whose primary business function is the display, sale or representation of art, including but not limited to art galleries, booking agents, production companies and performance organizations within or doing business in the ACE District.
Cultural Venues and Organizations – Any organization whose primary purpose is to provide and promote cultural offerings to the public within the ACE District.
Entertainment Organizations – Any organization that provides forms of performance entertainment within the ACE District.
Restaurants and Bars – The operator of any food service establishment or legally licensed bar with a physical presence in the ACE District.
Details: jblahnik@sanpedrochamber.com
Play it Forward
Donate new or hardly used board games or video games, gift cards to Target or Best Buy, or money to the Mentoring Youth Through Empowerment Program of The Center Long Beach at The Den Salon.
Venue: The Den Salon
Location: 300 W. Ocean Blvd. or 525 E. Seaside Way, Long Beach

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