The Music Scene in San Pedro

  • 03/26/2013
  • Terelle Jerricks

By B. Noel Barr, Music Writer Dude

There has always been a very active local music scene. Artists from very distinct and different lives found a musical life in San Pedro. Brenton Wood, Ambrosia, Minute Men and Mike Watt make their homeport Pedro.

On March 29, Dave Widow will be at Alvas Showroom with an all-star Line Up of session and touring talent. Dave Widow and The Line Up was nominated “Musical Group of the Year-2012” for the LA Music Awards.

James Gadson, who plays drums on this date, has been on more than 500 gold record sessions. Gadson has played with artists from Aretha Franklin to Justin Timberlake.

On bass is Reggie McBride. His pedigree in music is vast and deep as well, James Brown to Elton John to name just a few.

Then we have on keyboards and sax, the incredible Marty Grebb, who has performed with The Buckingham’s, Paul Butterfield and Bonnie Raitt.

Dave Widow has played with all these gentlemen in various formations touring with Buddy Miles and Bonnie Bramlett among other notables.

I asked Dave about why these people are playing on this date.

In a very humble tone; looking me in the eye, he simply said,

“They believe in me,” said Dave, simply, in a very humble tone; looking me in the eye.

Dave Widow and The Line Up is lighting up the blues charts around the country since its release late this past year. He was nominated into the top five of the International Blues Competition in Memphis for his 2012 release “Waiting for the World to End.”

Opening is the incredible Sean Lane playing an all-acoustic set of delta slide. He is one of the best slide players in the area. This is an older style of blues that preceded the Chicago blues sound. Lane has mastered this style guitar. He also is a very cool vocalist.

Alvas Music has been presenting first-class jazz shows as well as a variety of artists from different genres, from acoustic to electric, rock to bluegrass, — did I mention flamenco?

The 60-seat amphitheater-like room has an outstanding sound system. It is the perfect place to listen to music. Artists from around the world are calling Alvas to book dates. Listening to the great blues played in this room is an epic experience.

I am fortunate enough secure some dates at Alvas for some world-class blues that have grown in and around the Harbor. Our first show at Alvas is with Dave Widow and the Line Up. Dave Widow brings rhythm and blues inspired blues to San Pedro for one night only, with one special band.

This fantastic collection of professionals will bring it to Alvas Showroom on March 29. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.

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