• Dickens Comes to Torrance

    [portfolio_slideshow] By John Farrell, Contributing Writer You can't avoid Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol at this time of year any more than you can avoid hearing Burl Ives singing A Holly Jolly Christmas. And unless you are the Grinch (or a theater reviewer who has to see several versions every year) the Dickens story is a reminder of what

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  • Change Agent: Tehani Sarreal, the Artivist

    By John Farrell, Contributing Writer Editor’s Note: This is the second installment of Random Lengths News Change Agent series. This series highlights the unsung individuals that serve our communities behind the scenes often unnoticed, work

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  • Across the Great Divide

    Facing Austerity, the Fiscal Cliff and the Argument of What is the Better Good By James Preston Allen, Publisher

    I find myself in this situation often enough that I'm moved to explain it more fully. I am stopped by one of my frequent readers, a critic, who wants to expound upon the demise of our economic stability

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