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  • 09/06/2012
  • Terelle Jerricks

Steve Werner and Fur Dixon celebrated the release of their new CD, San Pedro Session’s, on July 2, at McCabe’s in Santa Monica. Paul Marshall on bass, John McDuffie on pedal steel and Brantley Kearns on fiddle joined them at the show. Photo by Michael Doherty

Fur Dixon and Steve Werner’s latest CD, San Pedro Session, is the best of their previous three collections. This was recorded live at Alva’s Showroom in what has become one of the best rooms in Los Angeles to perform. In this near perfect space for the performing arts, Fur Dixon and Steve Werner and about 60 guests, friends and fans were engaged around an emotional campfire of song. There is not much more I can say about the event that I have not already said before. I was honored that the duo found my review good enough to be on the liner notes of the disc. The warmth of these songs sustains the performance even without being there. The honesty of the material and the connection from artist to audience is palatable.

The opener to the CD is the song that started it all: The Pearl and the Swine. This song was written by Steve Werner for his singing and writing partner Fur Dixon. This is followed by “The Ventura County Line,” a lover’s song written by Fur Dixon about a desired relationship and traveling beyond for her appointed rendezvous. I think the track called “Scars” was brilliant. This song about hurt that leaves scars that are visible and invisible resonated by utilizing the most direct and beautiful terms as they relate to life and love. The closing track, “Back Roads and Blue Skies” is one of my favorites on this 17 track CD. I have been using this song as my closer on my Lunch at the Barr show on

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Toulouse Engelhardt’s  “Toulousology Definitive Guitar Soli 1976 -2009,” is a collection of very serious fingerstyle steel-string guitar work of Americana music. Engelhardt’s music is of kind you don’t hear much in mainstream music. It is a style of playing for which the founder of Tacoma Records guitarist/producer John Fahey was noted. Engelhardt and Leo Kottke were label mates at Tacoma records for a period of time. His music consists of poly-rhythmic syncopation across a musical plane that traverses styles of neo-classical to folk, with stops at surf and rock mixed in for good fun. This is all guitar with practically no other instrumentation or vocals on the track. But what music!  It is a damn fine album without a doubt.

The disc starts with a song called “Fire in O’Doolee’s Popcorn Factory,” which is a very high energy piece that demonstrates Engelhardt’s fun and technical mastery. He gives a nod to Jimi Hendrix on this disc with a very unique version of “Third Stone from the Sun.” On “Revelations at Lunada Bay,” I can’t help but reflect on the San Pedro Peninsula coastline. Toulouse Engelhardt “The Segovia of Surf” will be playing at Alva’s Showroom on September 28th.

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