Destruction for Free

  • 07/07/2012
  • Terelle Jerricks

By Mike Butorovich

Arts, Culture, Entertainment, Writer on the Storm (ACEWOTS)

San Pedro band Destroy L.A, can teach aspiring musicians a thing or two about attitude. Not attitude in the sense of demeanor, but attitude in the sense of being a four piece set of musicians who take the meaning of being a do-it-yourself hardcore punk rock band literally.

That means releasing material independently without the involvement of any established record label and playing music anyplace for free. D.L.A has distributed burned CDs, a seven inch vinyl titled “Vandalize” and a recent EP named “Escape From L.A” with a heavy Dead Kennedys influence over a clean sound recording.

Vocalist Joey Dibernnardo collects rare vinyl records in his spare time. On weeknights after the  witching hour, working the graveyard shift moving pallets with forklifts. He speaks of this underground rock life with seasoned intelligence and experience.

“We’ve played so many shows and been to so many cities,” he explains.   “I’ve split my head open, fucked my ankle up. One of our buddies broke bones.”

It’s to be expected when playing fast and aggressive music to a crowd of intoxicated people slamming into each other. Pain is commonplace in a mosh pit.

There’s, “Either that, or playing a backyard show and cops surround the place with the helicopter flying over with the light,” Dibernardo said. A common occurrence when they perform in residential areas.

Not every show is destined to end with police raids or medical attention. In some cases, appreciation for the music is displayed calmly.

“You don’t need a bunch of people at your shows slamming and moshing to prove you have fans,” Dibernnardo explained. “[While] some people just want to go there, y’know, and say ‘Hell yeah, there’s a show tonight. We’re gonna get shitfaced and fuck shit up.’ Other people just wanna come and just relax, listen to the music and enjoy watching what everybody does.”

After a radical and injurious seven years of maintaining an original roster, the band will experience its first lineup change.

Miles, from the band, The Neckties, will be subbing for percussionist Vinny Perrazola for the next two years, allowing Perrazola to finish school in Colorado. Perrazola will get to watch his standin perform in his place July 14 for the first time at Badfish Clothing, located at 337 W 6th Street, San Pedro.

Dibernnardo leases a warehouse with best friend Justin Meyers and two others. Lytime Kustoms, as they call it, serves as a workshop, and very recently, a venue.

“The first time we played here was on St.Patrick’s day [of this year]. There were 15 of us and I was all ‘let’s set up the equipment and jam,” Dibernnardo said.

On July 28,  the band will power up in this space for the fourth time with a new group named Last Line of Defense and a projected car show featuring hot rods, and other classic autos.

“I’m gonna call up some local car clubs and get this going. It gets bigger every time.”


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