John M. and Muriel Oguin Campus Open House

  • 07/16/2012
  • Terelle Jerricks

San Pedro–There will be an open house for the John and Muriel Olguin campus of San Pedro High School on Aug. 9.

The Campus will open with 500 students, a combination of Marine Science and Mathematics Magnet students, Police Academy Magnet students, and 40 resident San Pedro High School students that are chosen by lottery.  The state of the art campus will offer students opportunities to pursue their interests in the Marine Sciences and Law Enforcement.

Attendees may get to learn more about the six wind turbines the California Coastal Commission unanimously approved, July 12, after a permit request from the Los Angeles Unified School District. the 50 foot turbines are capable of generating 12 kilowatts of power for the new Angels Gates campus.

The district originally requested permission for 36 high wind turbines but reduced it to six to be able to meet state architecture distance requirements between turbines.
Venue: John M. and Muriel Oguin Campus
3210 S. Alma St., San Pedro

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