PSST: Art in San Pedro 2000-2012

  • 05/26/2012
  • Terelle Jerricks

There’s no “École de San Pedro.” Hell, these days there’s no “École de LA.” But the kinds of forms and materials that have become “traditional” to Southland artistic practice, along with those that have migrated here more recently, flourish in San Pedro no less than anywhere else in the region. A San Pedro group show brims with abstractionists, object makers, photographers, figurative painters, installationistas, recondite and in-your-face conceptualists, and whatever else you might imagine southern California artists to be, make, or do. And then some. –Peter Frank, excerpted  from PSST: Art in San Pedro 2000-2012

On June 9, TransVagrant and Warschaw Gallery will host an artist reception for its latest exhibit, PSST: Art in San Pedro 2000-2012. The exhibit will  feature selected works by artists living and working at the southern end of LA’s 110 Freeway.

The artists featured includes Craig Antrim, Philippa Blair, Ray Carofano, William Crutchfield, Michael Davis, Linda Day, Eric Johnson, Austin and Lyda Lowrey, Ron Linden, Jay McCafferty, Danial NordHarold Plople, Peggy Reavey, Fran Siegel, Maggie Tenneson, Marie Thibeault, and Ted Twine.

The  Artists’ Reception is from 4–7p.m.

PSST’s curator, Ron Linden notes that as a result of its isolation from Los Angeles’ various art centers due to geography, “San Pedro enjoys an underground reputation as an artists’ community unique for its eclecticism. Many artists showcased here are conducting successful national and international careers; yet remain virtually unknown in their own community.”

This exhibition reveals the variety of viewpoints and subject matter as well as the technical and conceptual concerns that define the visual arts in San Pedro. An exhibition catalog is available with contributions by Peter Frank and Peter Plagens.

PSST runs through August 4. Warschaw Gallery hours are Monday – Saturday, 11a.m. – 6p.m. This exhibition funded in part by generous support from the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles, CRA/LA.
Venue: Warschaw Gallery
Location: 600 S. Pacific Ave., San Pedro

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